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www Redirect Checker is an ideal tool to check the status of website pages. If any pages are redirected, this free tool can help you analyze the way with pre-defined status codes. Just enter your URL and know the status code for free.

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What is a Redirect URL?

There are many types of redirects, but the used ones are 301 and 302. You are currently reading information relevant to the www redirect checker Tool.

So, what is a 301 redirect? And, what's the difference between 301 and 302 redirects?

301 is a permanent-redirections status code. It means that the page under this URL has moved into a different URL address. 302 means found. It usually means that the webpage is available, but it is someplace else.

Why do You Need to Find a Redirect?

If you are a search engine optimization consultant, tracing redirects is a must. Still, there are other reasons why outlining a redirect can be a good habit:

  • Redirected URLs may contain malicious codes (malware, ransomware, etc.)
  • The URL may not be secure (https).

How to Redirect?

If you don't want to interrupt SEO efforts, make sure you're redirecting the ideal way. It helps search engines in crawling webpages. Based on what you wish to get completed, use one of the below methods :

  • Redirecting without changing the URL
  • Redirecting blogs from HTTP to HTTPS with no plugin
  • Htaccess Redirect

The Best redirect for SEO is a 301 redirect. It moves between 90-99% of link equity. Redirects do not hurt SEO. Give room to handle problems until everything gets executed.

Assess Redirects Before It's Too Late

To understand URL redirect is pretty straightforward. It is a server-based purpose to send the user from one web place to another. The redirects get implemented on account of the change of their address. The most significant motive is to synchronize your website with the SEO methods. Let's not squander your time. Dig into how redirects can affect your search engine optimization.

You have to bear in mind that 301 redirect has the most critical effect on SEO. Page Rank is the factor to measure how powerful your page's SEO. You need to understand its relation with 301 is.

Before 2016, 301 redirect affects the page rank. But things have reversed now. A website could suffer about a 15% reduction in webpage ranking if it utilizes 301 redirects. But, it gets announced in June 2016 that no website would confront hindrance in page rank. So, it can lead to fostering the organic traffic of a webpage.

If you get acquainted with SEO, you may also know that not all redirects lead to betterment. Some of them may be risky and may harm the SEO of a website. That makes it crucial to understand more about the redirects. You can use URL redirect checker by Free SEO Tools!

Redirect Evaluation - Kinds of Redirects

As mentioned Before, many redirects get employed on a web site. Before going any further, let's take a look at the performance of all sorts of URL redirections.

300 Multiple Alternatives:

This code Suggests that there are quite a few potential choices a user may avail. A typical example of it is to change from one language to another, known as localization.

301 Redirect:

The 301 status code gets utilized to move all the clicks on the old URL to the upgraded one. It uses the websites that make changes to their domain name and the companies that have united. You can identify it using the 301 redirect checker tool.

302 Found Status:

302 can also be for moving the clicks to a different URL. It is only for a particular time and cannot get adopted forever. The hyperlink juice is not transferred to the new URL. Hence, the unique URL is not ranked by search engines in this case. 

307 Moved Temporarily:

This HTTP status code gets implied for the temporarily shifting of clicks. 307 should get used during the maintenance of the server. It is also for any other reason why it will become compulsory to transfer material to a new URL.

Meta Refresh:

It is a Technique implied by sites for auto-refreshing the page after a specific time. Meta Refresh redirection gets applied on each page in contrast to the whole website.

Why Use this redirect checker?

This redirect trace tool lets you troubleshoot link issues. It carries out competitive intelligence in a means that wasn't possible before.

Troubleshooting Redirect Issues

This tool is like a link redirect detective, which will follow your URLs. It helps you diagnose complex linking problems. As you migrate your site or rename URLs on your site, you need to forward that old URL address to a new URL address. It is ideal for testing your URLs to make sure they go into the appropriate places. They don't experience an error 404 along the way. Any error throughout the redirect could prevent the consumer from the final destination.

SEO Redirect Chains

If you are an SEO, you are looking to boost your website's rankings. Google's core algorithm get based on how websites link to each other. Link influence (PageRank) get passed when someone links to your website. That influence gets diluted with redirect chains. You are ensuring that your website is getting as much PageRank as you can.

This, like many other SEO themes, is a controversial debate. The more redirects involved, the chances exist for that string to become broken. It loses all the PageRank influence and traffic. If a connection redirects and fractures due to an error, the page will lose rankings.

Affiliate Link Tracking

If you are an affiliate marketer, then you use short links or small URLs. Check here URLs Rewriting Tool, it helps to convert ugly URLs to SEO friendly URLs. It is to mask or shorten your hyperlinks for social media platforms along with other sites. If one of your redirects break, then your affiliate income for that particular URL ceases. It will check your affiliate links to be sure that they're redirecting correctly.

Cutting Middle-Men Affiliates

As an affiliate marketer, you want to keep your profit margins as high as possible. Cut out all the middle-men affiliates. The link tracer will show you affiliates involved with the connection redirection procedure. The final destination or the link before it would be the entire affiliate program.

Everything else between is becoming a part of the affiliate revenue. So, trace all your present affiliate programs and be sure you get signed up with the source.

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