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Word Counter is an online tool that counts the words and character of the article and content. Analyze the word count of the article and make your content strategy simpler. Just put the article or content in the search dropbox and get the word and character count.

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About Word Counter Pro

Word Counter Tool is a free online word count tool to help you count and calculate the number of phrases in a text. This online tool also can calculate the real character or letter count. The number of words and characters you can count with this tool is infinite!

Word count is an essential metric for writing. By using this tool, you will find out how many words there are in your text. You can then check to see if there are enough words or it has exceeded a specific limit.

This Online word counter can also help check how many characters your text contains. Your reader gets intended for use on social media, Google Ads, and Meta Title and Description.

Why is Word Count important?

Whether it is for a website, writing requires a certain amount of word count span. Some platforms have limits on how many words get used in Google Ads search ads.

Social media platforms are for simple studying and speedy intake. Every forum has its viewable character count that can get posted. It is why understanding the character limitations for social media platforms is vital.

If you are managing social content, you have to know the specific character limits.

  • Facebook - No more than 63,206 characters for articles and a maximum of 8,000 characters for comments.
  • Instagram - Restricted to 30 hashtags along with 2,200 characters for a caption. Where only the initial 125 characters will get shown while the rest will get truncated).
  • LinkedIn - Headline text gets limited to 120 characters; the summary section has a character limit of 2,000. Position title has a limit of 100 characters, and the description box gets limited to 1,000 characters.

Word count for SEO (and how it can improve your rankings)

If you are writing for SEO, the word count has an important role. The majority of high ranking content that appears on a page on SERP is long-form posts. A lot of them exceed 2,000 words, although most of them are at least 1,500 words.

You may notice that many long-form posts have evergreen content. It is the best type of articles for SEO. Evergreen content receives more clicks over a long period. Articles on current news or viral trends receive fewer clicks.

Longer Articles are authoritative. You have got the chance to insert more data and information in your post and make it even more valuable. Use our Free Article Rewriter Tool and generate quick fresh content for your blog or websites.

As a consequence, your content will take more worth. It raises the capacity for the content to get shared and connected too. The more social shares and backlinks you get, the greater your website or site rankings will be.

Using The Word Count Tool, you will make sure that your article has an ideal word count. It won't guarantee decent search rankings, but it is going to help in the long run.

Features of Our Word Counter Tool

The word counter tool by Free SEO Tools is a perfect tool to test the written content metrics. Our efforts have made all the premium features to get a word counter inside this tool. This tool presents many metrics that assist you in improving the quality of your content and SEO.

Quicker Turnaround of Outcomes

One of the tool's highlights is a quick analysis of content and a more rapid results turnaround. There's no need for any captcha entry for verification. It takes a chunk of time that may be irritating for consumers.

We have removed the need for captcha entrance. Users can paste their articles and check out the results. Users don't need to click on any submit button after copying the text. They have to upload or paste the content. Their articles get analyzed for word count metrics, and results will get displayed.

Ensured Content Safety and Security

We respect your privacy, so we don’t use your articles. It puts the safety of your content at risk. We never save or store your content for later use.

Written files for analysis of content and the word count get not used anywhere else. We have got a strict privacy policy, and we never share your articles.

Comprehensive Result

The tool displays a complete result that includes many metrics fast. Our efficient tool counts the words and characters in your text. It also measures some other metrics related to the content, which might be useful for you.

This tool also shows the estimated time to read the whole text. It shows the estimated time required while speaking the written text. It also shows the total number of sentences in a text file. It also displays the most sentence used in the text. It includes the number of characters and words in the sentences. It says the longest word used in the text. The number of characters in the most extended term can get shown.

Additionally, it shows the keywords as well as their percentage in the entire text file. It also categorizes text in keywords and shows their share in the full content. It also displays the average length of words used in text and the standard size of paragraphs. It also shows the number of sections in a text document. All these features are beneficial who need an evaluation of their written content.

No restriction on Word Count Tool

You can upload or copy/paste countless files to test word count Analysis for all these files in one sitting. You will not get asked to come tomorrow for more word count analysis. It's possible to use this useful word count tool that can get used hundreds of times in a day.

Free to Use

Users can use this tool for free without paying any fees. We make people more comfortable with our useful tools free of charge. It's possible to use text files without any limitation of files and words every day.

Combination of Many Helpful Tools

We have Lots of helpful Tools to provide for the improvement of content. Users may use grammar and plagiarism checker to Improve the quality of the content. Additionally available for this purpose. A combination of those useful tools would empower users to create high-quality content.

The Best Way to Use an online word counter and character counter Tool

Word Count Tool is easy to use and can give you almost instantaneous results. It will show you the word count for the number of phrases, characters, sentences, and phrases.

It also works as a character count tool. It can get utilized to perform word count to get Google Docs and many more.

Word Counter Tool can calculate how many words in a paragraph. It even calculates the total word count for a publication, article, or book. There is not any limit to how many words you would love to count. It can also be useful if you have a maximum limit to the number of words allowed for an article. 

Our Word Counter Tool doesn't set any limit to the amount of text you wish to count. It is free to use without any limits about the number of times you'd love to use it.

Why use Word Counter Tool to calculate words and character count?

If you are familiar with Microsoft tools, you'd know a feature that enables word count from Word.

With Word Counter Tool, you are not limited to any specific file formats like Microsoft Word. Instead, you can copy and paste any text to find the number of words or characters it contains.

You can Perform a word count for your Microsoft Word file, Google Docs document on Word Counter Tool.

It's free to use the word counter tool. It is possible to perform word count checks with Word Counter Tool on as many occasions as you'd like. Blogger, or student, Word Counter Tool is going to be a valuable addition to your workflow.

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