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Website Links Count Checker is a free tool that finds the internal and external links of a website. Check the incoming and outgoing link by simply entering the website details below.

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About Website Links Count Checker

As the name suggests, the Website links Counter checker is an efficient tool. It counts the amount of external and internal links on the webpage. Thus a webmaster or whoever owns the site can determine the number of links present on the webpage. The tool displays a total number of links, internal links, and external links of the webpage.

Linking too many Internal and external hyperlinks results in a low-quality webpage. So the webmaster must check the quality of links posted. To rank high on a search engine, add more quality content with external and internal links. Ensure that there are high-quality links to improve your webpage visitors.

The Website links Counter checker is beneficial to improve Seo traffic. This tool's main aim is to scan all the external and internal variety of links on a certain web page. Along with that, it shows the entire count of links within a specific webpage. If the external links do not appear on the webpage, it shows 0 and only shows the number of internal links existing.

Free SEO Tool offers this tool free of cost with no limitations to use this tool. It's very practical for SEO guys, site owners, or webmasters to examine the web page links. On average, the outside links within the page should be around 2-3 links for every 100 words of content. But if the links are over the average, it contributes to the collapse of rank.

The tool helps identify the links to get all necessary info on the links to count. Also, check here using Link Price Calculator how much price of the link.

Link Building is the key SEO factor and many catchy parts of SEO achievement. All you have to follow guidelines to make link building with both types of links. It will have a good impact on search engine ranking.

The tool gets designed to recognize both external and internal links. If your content is less and having more internal links will affect your SEO rankings. Thus, make sure to keep the right amount of links to improve visibility in search engines.

If your site has too many replicate links, then there is a chance to decrease your natural rankings. So get up to repeated links and use unique links to gain genuine authority for your website.

Why should we Need website links to count the checker tool?

Suppose you have lots of Internal links on the webpage with less content; it may result in spam. It is due to Google algorithms like panda or penguin looks for high-quality sites and links. Suppose if your site is low quality with a lot of links, it will affect your rankings. The ideal technique is to find all the internal and external links through our tool.

Google uses algorithms to recognize high quality and credible sites with google links. In case your website doesn't match the need, you will see the drop in positions over-time. Check here Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator Tool.

If you find a site or a web page with a low linking structure, SEO optimization isn't good. So you make sure you detect these webpages and follow SEO guidelines. Providing relevant internal links for a specific keyword is also more important.

The incorrect linking structure will get redeemed by the Google algorithm. It is a panda and penguin update, which will be difficult to recover in the long run. So be sure that you do the ideal SEO audit before linking in the content. Take a piece of information from the SEO pros and join.

Once you connected all the applicable links with a certain keyword, then ensure. You check with the site links count checker the number of links is there on the internet page. Suppose you have an article of length 1000 words and then make sure the internal link should only be 20 to 30.

With the help of the "website links count checker," it's a very easy and fast way to check all the web pages' links. Since it's a free SEO tool to assess how many are there in a given webpage. It also analyzes how many quality links get submitted on the website.

If there are bookmarking sites, assessing quality links on your site ought to be SEO friendly. If 'farm links' exist on your website, they should get removed and optimized based on SEO guidelines. Otherwise, it may harm your site and result in blacklisting.

How to use the website links count checker tool?

The tool is quite an easy and SEO friendly tool; enter the required elements in the text-box and apply them. Our tool will operate in the background, which processes your requested URL. The result is that the whole number of links, external and internal links.

Total links - Total Links are a blend of both internal and external links. It calculates the total number of links on a given webpage or website.

Internal Links - The Internal links tell the number of links provided within the site pages.

External Links - The External links inform the amount of external on the site or webpage. It is the link given to other websites as a key component of SEO optimization. But be confident they are applicable and beneficial to the consumer. Our tool doesn't specify the presented links are no-follow or do-follow hyperlinks.

It requires three steps to follow the procedure of this tool.

  • Input the web page URL in the text box to find both internal and external links
  • Enter the captcha code at the box.
  • Click the button to analyze the hyperlinks

Which are internal and external links means based on Moz?                                                         

Internal links are nothing but interlinking all the pages one and another. It develops a solid bond between the pages. Hence the consumer and search engines can identify, understand the webpages. 

External links are the links given by one site to another site. It is in a kind of anchor text to pass a value together with your content. To use the tool, only specify the URL and click submit button then you're ready to go.

If you want to spot links that appeared on your page, use our links analyzer tools to know each link. 

How site links count checker works?

The Site content may have many links that get connected to a specific page. Suppose that the site accepts the guest post; it's necessary to be aware of the page's links. If it links rather than applicable, it does not need to link for that webpage. So only offer necessary links on the content rather than posting.

Manually counting the number of links on a particular page takes a lot of time. Then, analyzing internal and external links takes your valuable time. So it is necessary to use this type of tool to lessen the time.

Providing too many outside links on the page decreases the value. It will also affect organic rankings. Check here website or webpage total word count with detailed information.

Benefits of Website Link Counter Tool

The benefits of the Website Link Counter Tool are as follows:

  • The tool is free of cost
  • It provides accurate information on both external and internal links within minutes.
  • It can differentiate the amount of internal and external links.
  • Works faster and helps one to finds the total number of links.
  • Reduces time to count links on the website page.
  • The tool Can Help you to check an unlimited number of web pages with no limitation.
  • It helps you identify the number of external links. But also, many external links result in link farm' that is not good for SEO.
  • Webmasters and SEO experts can analyze the links rely on and take necessary actions.

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