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URL Rewriting Tool modifies the syntax behind to enable the web page to get retrieved. URL Rewriting allows the URL to get easily remembered by a user. Just enter your URL for modifying your URL into shortens one.

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About URL Rewriting Tool

What is URL Rewriting?

URL Rewriting Tool converts dynamic URLs into static ones. Our URL rewrite module helps you in this conversion. Site owners use an online URL Redirect Generator because it saves them time and effort. Plus, it assists in improving Search Engine Optimisation as well.

What are Dynamic URLs?

Dynamic URLs are long Strings of characters. It includes +, +,%, etc.. Dynamic URLs will change over time.

What are Static URLs?

Static URLs do not run in a long string of characters. They are shorter compared to dynamic URLs, and they don't alter with time.

SEO Professionals convert their Dynamic URLs into Static URLs. The shorter URLs are easier to remember and bookmark due to their unchanging nature. Additionally, Static URLs get preferred over Dynamic URLs by search engines. It helps with your website's SEO.

If individual pages on your website still have Dynamic URLs, you need to check them down. You can convert them into Static URLs with help from the free URL Rewriting Tool.

Know More Information About URL Rewrite Tool 

The Module gets equipped with an advanced URL Rewrite Software. It gets based on a robust algorithm. Our URL Rewrite Tool converts the Dynamic URLs into Static URLs within a matter of minutes.

Yet, our tool has Certain URL rewrite rules that should get followed. For example, our tool converts Dynamic URLs to Static URLs; it is not the other way around. If you publish a Static URL, our URL Rewrite Module will not execute the conversion process. Additionally, it is going to show you the message conveying your URL is currently static.

Free SEO Tools is an All-in-one SEO software that aids businesses to climb up the SERPs into the page. It provides a vast collection of resources that webmasters may use. It is for managing their site, keyword research, and link analysis of their domain. Every one of our resources is free to use; the same is the case with our URL Rewrite Generator.

Our module will start the URL rewrite procedure and produce the Static URL in a snap! Use our Free Htaccess Redirect Generator Tool here.

Our URL Rewrite Module has to offer; one might wonder how much will it cost to use our URL Rewrite Tool? 'Well, we provide the professional services of its URL Rewrite Software for free. So, you can convert as many dynamic connections into static ones as you want. You don't have to spend a dime on the module. Plus, we don't ask for any email IDs or subscriptions.

The URL Rewrite Module get made only to assist the community like our other free tools.

What is the Demand for Rewriting URLs

Now you understand in detail What is URL rewriting so, let us move on to cover the demand for Rewriting URLs is?

The aim of a URL Rewriter would be to transform the Dynamic URLs into Static URLs. Furthermore, these type of URLs ranks better than dynamic URLs in the SERPs.

A search engine crawler scans your website for indexing. It could read the search phrases and understand the context of your page. It would help if you used an XML Sitemap Generator that may create a site of these links. It uploads them to the search bar to get indexed. It's an excellent idea to use our URL Rewrite Software and flip all your dynamic URLs into static ones.

You provide Crawlers with brief query strings rather than long ones. They will index your site faster, which further enables the rankings of your site. Thus, you will have higher rankings, and quick loading speed, by changing a URL from dynamic to static.

How to Rewrite URLs using RW's URL Rewriter Tool

Utilizing our URL Rewriter Tool is not very difficult to understand. It is a tool whose tutorial concludes in three simple steps.

Step I: Open the URL Rewrite Generator Tool in

Step II: Enter a Dynamic URL (along with all the HTTP/HTTPS protocol).

Step III: Press the rewrite URL' button.

As you press the button, Our URL Re-writer Module generates the bootable URL. You can copy this and replace the energetic URL of your website with it.

If your URL is currently Static, then our tool will not execute the conversion. Instead, a message will pop up stating the entered URL isn't dynamic.

These are all the steps you will need to follow while using the URL Rewrite Tool from Free-SEO-Tools.Org

Benefits of URL Rewriter Tool

The Motive of the URL Rewriter tool would be to convert the Dynamic URLs on your domain to Static ones. You comprehend the advantages and pitfalls of both Dynamic and Static URLs. Also, read here why URL rewrite use?

Dynamic URL


  • There is More functionality in websites using Dynamic URL.
  • Dynamic Sites get managed and upgrade.
  • Even The users may operate a Dynamic Website.


  • Requires a great deal of investment to sponsor and create a Dynamic Website.
  • It Affects your SEO.

Static URL


  • Developing and hosting a Static Website isn't expensive but affordable.
  • Improves your general SEO.


  • Delivers Standard information.
  • You Need to be knowledgeable about updating Static sites.

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