Server Status Checker

Server Status Checker is a great tool to check the HTTP Server status code which the browser doesn’t show. It helps in optimizing your site in a better way. You can check the status of the bulk URL by entering the URL list in the check box.

Enter up to 100 URLs (Each URL must be on separate line)

About Server Status Checker

Server Status is essential to your online existence. Let's try to elaborate on what is Server Ranking.

What is Server Status?

Server Status is the Status of your Server, as it is evident from the title. It's set through Http or Https response from your website is OK or not. When it's not, it means your server may down or not responding at present.

Our Tool is completely simple, straightforward, and is free to use. You are always only two steps apart from checking the server status. Sometimes you may receive a pop-up containing an error,' Please provide at least 1 valid URL'. So, what does this means? It means that the URL that you entered is either incorrect.

Or you didn't provide response kind, HTTP or HTTPS, etc., with URL. So, keep in mind that you need to enter a full URL. You can copy the URL from a browser right and paste it from the box. The Tool enhances the capacity of checking many URLs at the same time with only one click. You will find a status record for each one of the URLs. Let's try this today!

Server Status Checker is essential to Check site ranking. Our helpful Tool can help you to find the status of your favorite site. It'll let you know whether the server of your site is offline or online. It is an efficient tool that every webmaster should use daily.

This tool generates a report in tabular form. If the status is"200", then it indicates the website is online. In case it indicates "500," It means the website is offline because of a server problem.

How to Use the Server Status Checker Tool?

This is a guide to using this Tool,

1. Input URL into the text area of the website you want to test.

2. Ensure you compose the complete URL of any site, such as HTTP or HTTPS protocol.

3. It is possible to enter up to 10 domains, but keep in mind each domain should be indifferent.

4. Click Submit Button and wait.

Our Tool will show results in a few moments; It is very fast, simple, and accurate.

What is the Special in Server Status Checker Tool?

Free SEO Tools is a remarkable title in the online SEO tools business. It offers robust tools to website owners to better their website ranking. We are also providing invaluable tools for consumers. It also checks plagiarism and hundreds of other amenities. The most crucial purpose is assisting others in using our unique tools. We developed this tool to check if a website is down or up.

Status server checker tool is one of the means for our valued visitors.

SSC (Server Status Checker) is your fantastic Tool. It checks the condition of the site, either it's working or not. It is an efficient tool and recommended to all webmasters. The tool test about server uptime and remain upgrade with site's server position.

It helps to find out the Problems with the site Server by checking its status and show results. It's not hard to determine if there's a problem; this Tool suggests it. Using this tool, you can check the status of preferred sites. You can remain upgrade when they're down. Also, Check here our Domain to IP Tool.

This tool is quick, simple, and accurate. The helping attribute in this Tool is, it is possible to check up to 10 websites at once. No need to enter each URL at once; here, set all URLs and hit on the test button to receive success.

Enter up to 10 URLs at a time in the given text field and press on the button to examine these website servers' status.

The relevance of Server Status Checker Tool

It's essential to use this Tool. It will state if the webserver is down.

The Site that's not available for users is harmful to website ranking. Website purpose is to help others and supplies them with useful advice. But it will fail if the site is out of reach or not observable due to technical troubles. If the site server remains down for a long time, then it is quite detrimental for ranking.

It is a must to maintain active server status; it can help keep website traffic. An offline site Status means traffic can't get it, and visitors leave the website. It increases bounce speed and leaves a low impact.

Advantages of Server Status Checker

How does the server respond to a page load time? This, in turn, is a criterion for ranking. Page load time is a ranking factor. It's very vital to look at their reaction time and ranking. It is an essential facet of a good user experience.

While checking, if you discover status offline, you to take urgent actions to make it online. It provides a facility to check all the preferred websites at one time. No need to open the site. Sometimes the webpage goes offline, and we could not notice. It is because most webmasters use cache to improve load rate.

The browser likely shows you a page, and you could not determine fault early. But applying this Tool, it is easy to check the status of the server. It provides accurate results.

Understanding Of HTTP Status Code

It usually means your server managed to return content to the URL you asked for.

301 status code: Moved permanently means that the requested URL gets moved. All additional inquiries should get made to the new site.

302 status code: Found means that the server has found a temporary redirection. This URL ought to get used the next time again because it is temporary.

307 status code: Temporary Redirect is like some 302 because it is a temporary redirect. The same URL should get used the next time again.

400 status code: Bad Request means that the server didn't understand what you were looking for.

401 status code: Unauthorized means your server won't grant access to the content without consent

403 status code: Forbidden means that the host will not show you the content, regardless of authentication.

404 status code: Not Found is a standard, frustrating error. It may even be what you are checking for using this Server Ranking tool. This error code enables you to know that the document you were looking for is not found. Search engines need a 404 to understand which URLs are valid and which are not. It allows you to know that the URL you were looking for did exist but is gone.

500 status code: Internal Server Error is another frustration. It has to get instructed by your hosting company or system administrator. This means something is wrong with this host. For a complete HTTP header status code list check here.

From the error code that's returned to a URL, you will identify the reason for it being operational or down.

If your website is down, you will need to sort it out with your web site hosting service supplier. Use our Htaccess Redirect Generator Tool to check your website www non-www status.

This convenient tool to detect problems on websites should be an essential tool for all SEOs. Using it, you as an SEO or webmaster know what the reason for your website being down is, and you can fix it.

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