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Reverse IP Domain Checker checks the IP address pointing to a web server and find out the other sites hosted on the same server. Just enter a domain name to find out the Reverse IP lookup.

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About Reverse IP Domain Checker

Here we talking about the Reverse IP Domain Lookup Tool. Read here every detail of information and start using this Tool. Techincal Tools are hard to understand for nontechnical people. But we explaining here very simple way and you easily understand properly about this Tool. Let's Go!

How To Use The Reverse IP Domain Lookup Tool?

To run a reverse IP search go to Free SEO Tools from the search browser. Locate the reverse IP lookup icon and then click on it. Domain into IP Free Tool Also helps you.

When the display page opens, enter the Domain. It's true; you don't need to input the IP address. The reverse URL lookup utility will locate the IP address of the domain that you have entered. It will list all the domains that are sharing that IP address and display them.

What Are The Usages Of Reverse Domain Lookup

You can use reverse osmosis search for many purposes.

  • Find all the domains hosted on the same IP address.
  • It allows you to understand all the sites which are sharing the same IP address. The IP information is not displayed, only the domain names sharing the address.
  • Reverse IP lookup lets you find the domains that get hosted on a competitor's IP address.
  • This utility can also get used to checking in your competitors' sites. You can see whether they are using IP addresses and how many other websites are sharing the address.
  • Reverse IP address lookup often finds other domains owned by your competitors. It may be legitimate information about your competitor's domains.
  • Reverse IP lookup tool can also get utilized to assault the website hosting server. For example, you wish to assault one site that gets protected, with an inverse IP domain check. You are ready to know other sites hosted on the same web host sharing the same IP address. Find the secure site to attack the same server and bypass their target site's security.

What is a Reverse Ip Lookup?

Website owners understand their IP address, but should they have a dynamic IP address. If you want to know which other sites share your IP address, you need to run a reverse IP lookup utility.

The tool will record all the domains of the websites that are sharing your dynamic IP address. To do it, you will have to carry out a reverse IP address lookup. A reverse IP command gets run whenever your visitors were facing problems on your site.

When a visitor stinks, you contact your hosting provider to tell them about the matter. You run a reverse IP address lookup to find out the domain names you're sharing a dynamic IP address. It is to determine whether those sites are functioning.

If they are working fine, you know that the issue is with your site. In cases like this, you will assess your site's HTML code to check if there is no problem. You can check website's code is ok, and other sites where sharing your IP address are functioning fine. Your online hosting provider will need to inquire into the issue with your site and repair it.

What is a Reverse Domain Lookup?

The method reverse domain lookup known as Reverse IP Lookup is the same technique. It gets used to recognizing the DNS Records associated with an IP address. The website hosting server may host many sites from one IP address. This technique receives used in shared Hosting. The tool understands the available DNS Records of this internet server. Check here another useful Free Domain Age Checker Tool.

What can the Reverse IP address Search tool get used for

  • Locate bad neighbors

By doing a reverse IP search, you can find each of the domains hosted on the same server as your website. Particularly with shared hosting, there are many sites hosted on the same IP address.

Some of them may be with adult content, gambling-related, torrents. A lot of the content isn't legal in certain places. Suppose a site hosted on the same IP as you get filtered by an ISP for delivering prohibited content. Then your website and all the other excellent sites on the IP are going to get filtered also.

It can also be the situation for email spam. A single site on the same server behind the same IP gets flagged as spam. Then there is a huge chance your domain will be too, and the emails you send won't get delivered.

It is why if you execute a reverse domain for your site if you discover any suspicious sites hosted on it. Ask your web hosting company to move you to another server or another IP address.

  • Find PBNs for SEO

Many people who wish to trick Google don't want to devote a good deal of resources. They use the same web hosting to create many sites and connect to their site or sell links to other people.

Reverse IP lookup is one of the first things you can do to check if someone offers you links hosted on the same server. Google also can see that and demotes links that come from the same IP address.

  • Find Competitor sites

Some people use the same hosting for their sites, and they can have a network of sites. You can find such networks should you investigate the domain name you know. See if there are other associated domain names hosted on the same server.

  • Penetration testing and information discovery

Ethical hackers and penetration testers use the Reverse IP search for gathering information. They may use the tool to test for another possible target to check vulnerabilities. This way, they could get a more straightforward goal on the network behind the same IP address.

Discover new hostnames can lead to finding new DNS records. It can lead to potential new targets.

  • Network safety

A reverse IP Research can identify host titles connected with an attacking system. It is no matter if it's a botnet or a simple scanning. It could help the investigation by incorporating more informational sources.

  • Overcrowded hosting

By doing a reverse domain lookup, you can see how many other websites get hosted on the same IP as you. It might not always mean they are on the same hosting. There may be a reverse proxy server that serves the requests to get many servers behind it. The shared hosting suppliers host too many domain names on the same server to store funds. It can cause slowing down your website or even timeouts in case you've traffic spikes.

Even if your site is fast and hosted on another server, there are many websites behind the same IP address. It increases the danger it may filter as spam because some of the different websites served behind this IP.

So if you have Neighbors and if you've got the budget get a dedicated IP to your project.

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