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Pagespeed Insights Checker determines the page speed of a particular webpage. Make your website faster by improving the web performance score given by Google. Find the page speed insights by entering the URL below.

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About Pagespeed Insights Checker

Google Pagespeed Insights Checker helps in finding the website speed online. We know website speed is a vital SEO variable to attract online visitors. Websites that load in less than 2 seconds has great importance. Over the previous three years, mobile users took the top spot over the desktop consumer. If you want to keep them engaging traffic, then the site should load less than two seconds for all types of gadgets.

The website loading speed depends on various important factors. It includes HTML, CSS, javascript, images, cache, server speed, server usage, and even more. Each plays a crucial role in loading webpage quicker. It depends upon how well the website gets designed and uses the host tools.

To check website status on Loading speed, there are lots of factors to get considered. It includes HTML & CSS compression, javascript minification, image compression, decreasing redirects, browser caching, improving server response time, and many more. Google is giving primary preference to mobile index and website speed. Thus every factor will be a part of search engine optimization rankings.

What is Google Page Insights Checker?

Google Insights speed checker shows the speed of a webpage or website on both mobile and desktop. It also provides the best hints to improve the webpage speed.

The tool provides a page speed score that shows complete page performance details. The tool gets calculated between 0 to 100 score. If a score is 90+, it's thought of as quicker, and 50 to 90, it's believed to be regular. So anything below 50 gets regarded as slow. It affects the page ranks in google search engine benefits.

Nowadays, website developer focuses more on reducing file sizes and enhance page speed. It results in a stable increase in website speed and gives value to the consumer.

No other tool is comparable with Google webpage Speed checker. The tool gets designed to inspect the performance of the website to understand its speed. It provides excellent page speed insights to make the site load faster.

This tool aims to enhance webpage speed and provide an excellent experience to the user. So improving webpage loading time decreases the bounce speed and increases conversions. The webpage speed is one of the SEO ranking variables considered by Google.

Why we need a Google Page Speed Checker tool?

There may be' number of page rate tools providing webpage speed score. If you use a tool such as 'Pingdom' or page test', every time shows another loading time. It reveals some fluctuations in speed. The tool gets calculated on a different basis and may have many factors involved.

Some of the factors involved between Google Page speed checker and another tool. It includes the traffic load on the website, the technologies used to develop the website, web speed link, browser type, and consumer's place.

Yet, the google page speed score is a unique tool offered by Google to calculate speed score. Since this tool has ignored most of the variables involved. It focuses on static files used on the website. The application gets dependent on 'server response time' instead of external technical facts.

Key Points to Use this Tool

  • We know the conversion rate depends on the loading speed. If the website loads quicker, there'll be a better conversion speed in the online business. Its direct impact on the quality of the website.
  • Assessing both desktop and mobile users, mobile users dominate the industry share. So loading mobile sites within 2-3 minutes reveal two times conversion. If the site heaps more than 3 seconds, there'll be greater odds of moving from the page. It may affect around 40% of the traffic. Make sure you take the necessary steps to optimize site speed functionality. It also makes rank higher on google search results.
  • The tool helps webmasters and SEO experts to know the functioning of the website. It analyzes in detail and provides valuable suggestions to improve your website functionality.
  • Depending on the evaluation, the tool displays a score between 0 To 100 score. The excellent ranking and well-developed site have to have an 85+ Score for a fantastic result. The tool is necessary to give an excellent insight into the site's performance.

The relevance of Page Insights Checker Tool

The page rate isn't always the same as site speed, and it's completely different. It gets defined based on the length of time taken to exhibit all the resources of the webpage. 

For quicker and much more efficiency, page speed is very important to the users. If the site loads more than 3 minutes, many users will proceed without visiting the website. Even mobile users expect faster speed in contrast to the desktop computer.

Long ago, Google has announced it would be among the rank elements in search engine results. Again lately, Google has concentrated more on mobile site speed. It gave preference to mobile-first' pages to rank on google. Now Google is operating with AMP to make the site load quicker on mobile devices.

Suppose the site has high-resolution pictures, then the site takes time to load. So by optimizing the image using tool make the website lightweight and lots faster. Suppose that the website has more large files to download even if the website may load slow. Then use a javascript compression tool to decrease the page size. Use this Web Page Size Checker Tool to check the size of any webpage.

There are Particular rules to Increase page speed. It includes leveraging cache browsing, improving server response time, enabling all compression, minifying tools (CSS, Js, and other source files), eliminating and reducing render-blocking javascript files, and optimizing images, and so on.

How can Google Page Speed Checker works?

Google page speed tool permits you to examine the page speed. It displays the consumer about the webpage rate. Suppose your webpage speed score is less than 50, which means inferior. Suppose it is greater than 50 and lower than 75, which means above average. But anything above 80 shows a good page speed.

To get the top 10 search engine Results, site speed is critical. It is the point at which it will get the vast majority of clicks. If your site is about the 2nd page, you lose the most clicks and need to get fixed immediately.

The tool works like other SEO tools, with the need for a website or web page URL

  • Input the essential website or website URL to find the website speed score.
  • Enter the compulsory captcha code from the textbox
  • Click on the submit button to assess the site speed.

How to Maximize Website Speed?

Optimize image - Image Compression is necessary to load website speed faster. To compress images without impacting the quality utilizing image compression tool. It will help to run queries faster between the server and the user. But make sure the quality of the image does not affect user expertise and SEO.

Compress HTML, Java & CSS Codes - Codes limit the internet space and decrease file size. Page load faster and do your visitor on-time. It necessitates some time to compress all Html, CSS, and Javascript files by experts.

Update server speed - If the server does not meet the customer's need, the website can face low speed. Update to VPS or Dedicated Server with much more Storage, RAM to make the website faster.

Use Cache Technique - If You're using WordPress to host your website, then Use the cache plug-in. It includes W3 total cache or WP super cache to optimize page loading rate. Improve website speed.

Use CDN technologies to develop sites - Use CDN and reduce the number of requests to your server. It includes HTML, CSS, Jquery along with iframe videos. It will reduce the load on your server and provides a more extraordinary experience to the consumer.

Use Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) - That is an option to load mobile pages quicker with AMP. It serves as alternative pages to the user with only content in actions. All other elements on the webpage will get dismissed. If there is a WordPress website, the AMP plugin is there to perform the heavy lifting for you. It reduces complicated code for optimizing mobile pages.

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