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Page Size Checker is an online free tool that tells the actual size of a webpage. The speed of a website depends upon the size of the page. Optimize your webpage for faster results by checking the size of a webpage. Enter a URL and check the size of a page.

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About Page Size Checker

What is a Standard Website Size?

Every website's performance depends upon how fast it loads. If your site loads quicker, your bounce rate decreases. The Website Page Checker Tool is a completely free tool that performs a size check on a site's page size. It tells you about the page dimensions of your site in KB.

Before using a Website Page Size Checker Tool, you have to know the standard website size. When your site page dimensions exceed 3 MB, then the bounce speed increases. It can also affect your traffic.

To increase your site's page load rate, you need first to perform a website size test. You can check the size of your domain name. If your website size is greater than 3 MB, you need to start working on its layout. It is on your mobile phones, the default web page dimensions, and screen size measurements.

The Site Size Checker Tool informs you about the average web page size of any URL. You have to put in the URL you want to check the size. The Page Size Checker will compute webpage dimensions of that specific URL.

There is hardly any way in which you can gauge the page dimensions.

We know how we aim to save all of it for you. If you use our website Page Sizes Checker Tool, you'll become aware of how it works.

For calculating the page dimensions of a specific URL, you don't need to spend anything.

Assessing Website size with Website Page Size Checker

The Page Size Calculator Tool is one of the best Website Page Size Checkers available on the Market. Our tool is 100% free to use and fast. The main reason for our Website Page Size Checker Tool to function as its convenient usage.

You don't have to spend hours to understand the functioning of our Page Size Calculator. The tool will conduct the review and produce the report within minutes.

While you are assessing the webpage Size Evaluation report, you need to know that the standard web size is 3 MB. In case your webpage size is more than 3 MB, then it's plausible to speculate that your website will load slower. And slow loading contributes to raising bounce speed.

It would help if you began working on your default page dimensions. Optimize finest for the screen, website design size, and website size. You have to aim for diminishing the page size below 3 MB. The smaller your website size is from 3 MB, the faster your site will load, resulting in a constant drop in the bounce rate. With the decreased amount of bounce speed, the traffic driven to your site will increase.

You need to analyze 1 MB (MegaByte) is equal to 1000 KB (KiloByte).

Importance of using an Internet page Size Checker

There are many reasons why you need to use a Web Page Size Checker Tool they are as follows:

Saves Time and Efforts

When you start using our tool, you save yourself from calculating page dimensions. By entering the URL in our tool and running a Page Size Test, you'll be able to create results immediately. It will save your time and your efforts.

Saves Money

Running a Page Size tool, there's no need to spend even a single penny for calculating the page dimensions.

We provide you with free tools to enjoy the Website Page Screen Size Checker Tool. It includes an XML Sitemap Generator to generate sitemaps, Moz DA Checker to look at the DA of your website. It also provides many tools for Domain Name, Keyword, Website Management, Content.

Lesser Bounce Rate

You can study the Page Size Evaluation report and start working on your webpage size. Your site will begin loading faster, and also your bounce rate will start improving.

Increases Web Traffic

When the bounce rate decreases, your traffic will begin increasing.

Better For SEO

Google has Said that webpage size is one of those 200 ranking factors. It is one of the bases on which it determines which pages to rank in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). So, our free Website Page Size Checker Tool assists in improving your SEO.

If you optimize your webpage size and reduce it, your website will begin loading quicker. Thus, boosting your page rate. So, your site will be Rank higher than those sites whose page dimensions are heavy. For that reason, their page load speed is slow.

Why page Size Increases and the Best Way to reduce it?

It can get explained by some variables that all contribute to the increase in page size. Below you can find the vital ones. 


JavaScript gets made with the idea to add JavaScript. It gives HTML designers a robust but convenient programming tool. The majority of HTML designers haven't anything to do with actual programming. JavaScript simplified their job since it's a scripting language with straightforward syntax.

The first variation appeared in 1995. It gets improved before it reached the current form. Thus it is a useful tool that provides designers with the following attributes:

  • Removing or adding tags;
  • Shifting page styles;
  • Web-based games;
  • Information about user's activity on the webpage;
  • Making changes to the code;
  • Animation of a web page.

The area of this language is infinite. It is a must to use JavaScript for your internet resource. But not forget to decrease the files to reduce the page size as far as possible. It is to make your website appealing to all users.

Scripts may slow down page loading and Impact page size. To fix this problem, webmasters use site cache alternative. It helps to decrease the time between users' query and server response.


Images are the principal cause of the growth in page size last seven decades. Over the years, imagery has become more frequent. It is one of the top things used to attract the user's attention. People rarely find an article interesting to read without images. Nobody will buy an item without seeing an example of how it seems.

There are a lot of tools for the Compression of the image dimensions. But it keeps the same high quality that makes an influence on site dimension:

WebP and FLIF formats target to decrease the image size farther and thus help reduce web page sizes. 


How does a font affect the speed of a web page? The quality of fonts has been improving all this time. There are currently countless fonts available to produce your style. Approximately 57% of sites are using custom fonts today. In 2017 an ordinary website's fonts took up roughly 113kb of distance when in 2010, this number was 2kb.

The font is quite vital for individual branding. Since it's an impact on the page size, you want to pick a font. It will not fit the style of your website and brand but also load fast. There's a solution if custom fonts are essential for your site's look: creating a WOFF2 file.


Using videos on websites has also grown over the years. Videos get often utilized to attract the viewer's attention. It is for merchandise presentation, and as a successful search engine optimization tool. But, high-quality video impacts the website's size. Within the past six decades, the size of an average video has increased to 174kb.

It still only takes up about 7.7percent of the total site dimensions. It will soon become a larger issue unless movie compression gets better. You can embed the iframe code from YouTube, Vimeo, to load faster if you would like your website. Use the ability of those online video powerhouses. 


In today's World, advertisements have become more complex. They are no longer made from plain text. Social networking supervisors usually add photos, animations, or even videos to their advertising. It raises the size and loading time of a website. To fix this problem, the user may use an Ad Blocker to reduce the advertisements' visibility. So, the loading rate should increase by many times.

It takes about 33 seconds for loading 16.3MB without an Adblocker. The use of an advertisement blocker shortens the loading period to 7 minutes. It also decreases the burden to 3.5MB.

It is successful on mobile devices or tablets. You need to track the ads on the website to see how they affect the speed. Regulate and change advertisements on your web resource. It can occupy a few Bytes as possible and don't expand the page size. You can also remove the ad if you see that it slows down the site too much.

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