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About Page Authority Checker

What's Page Authority Checker?

Page Authority Checker is a tool to compute the Page Authority score. The page authority checker identifies the algorithm using a machine learning model. It reveals the best correlation within the SERP rankings. Examine the page authority using an excellent page authority checker tool. You can see how your page stands up from the competition.

It gives a notion of how much SEO you have to do. The SEO will improve the page authority for each page of the website. Page Authority Checker provides page authority in moments.

Page authority or PA is a metric or score Developed by Moz. Page Authority predicts the power of a page to rank on SERP or Search Engine Result Page. Pages with higher Page Authority have a greater ability to rank in the SERP. Also, check here Domain Authority Checker Tool by Moz.

Successful Webpages have high page authority. It gets related to pages inside the website rather than the site itself. Every page on your site has a different score.

Page authority is among the key factor used for measuring website ranking. It provides information on web page quality and power to get page insight to get improved SEO.

How is Page Authority Calculated?

To calculate PA, you have to consider many factors such as MozTrust, MozRank. It is machine learning used to identify an algorithm that best relates to the SERPs rank.

Then you have specific calculations to find out page authority. There are more than 40 factors considered to calculate page authority. You do not use keywords and content optimization.

What's Good Page Authority?

Page authority is a comparative score and not an absolute metric. It will help to determine which pages have more potent link profiles.

The excellent web page gets the most traffic on your website than the other pages on your website. You may consider 30 to 60 to become a good page authority.

Page Authority By Moz

Page Authority is a score that forecasts how well a specific webpage in rankings on the SERP. A greater page capacity indicates a higher ability to rank. It's easier to develop a Page Authority rating from 25 to 40 than 65 to 80. The algorithms used to calculate the Page Authority score gets updated. That is the reason your Page Authority score fluctuates with time.

It isn't easy to influence page Authority rating. Page Authority score gets made up of a range of metrics (More than 40 in all). Each metric affects the page authority score.

Let us understand what MozRank is. Moz has developed a metric called MozRank. It provides the strength of external links to your website. MozRank indicates the caliber and amount of links to your website.

Google cares about the quality of the links rather than the quantity. It is why MozRank gives greater weight-age to quality and not the quantity of these links. It goes so far as to state; one high-quality link is as great as two low-quality links.

MozTrust measures link your site has earned. MozTrust shows how your site gets connected with trusted websites. These could be .edu and .gov sites.

Google values high-quality content through social signals. If your website's content gets shared, liked, or commented on, it Sends a vital social sign. Good content gets shared, while Poor quality content gets no social signals. Learn here more about Page Authority. 

How essential is Page Authority Checker Tool

You have first to understand the aim of utilizing the webpage authority checker tool.

  • Page authority checker tool is a relative tool. There is no good and bad score. The PA checker tool compares the page authority of the pages of your website with more websites. A good page authority reflects the ability of webpages to rank on search engine result pages.
  • Page authority is significant for link building. So what is link building? Link building is elementary. It is the process of producing backlinks to your website. It's easy to get backlinks with good content. But, you can hasten the process with link building. Backlinks are outside links to your website. It assists in indexing your website pages. Creating traffic (link building) increases traffic to your website.
  • Now let's get to another part. Page authority helps determine which pages have a higher profile. Each site that refers to a page communicates link authority. It is the expectancy of caliber for your page. More votes imply a higher rank on SERP.
  • Page authority helps add value to every page of your website. A business in its initial years is going to have page authority around 15-20. Page Authority score goes up as value gets added to pages of the website. The tool helps identify pages of your site which need value addition.

Why we need the Webpage Authority Checker Tool?

  • Page authority is significant to boost the visibility of their pages on your website. It increases the reach and, thereby, revenue and profits of the business. Page authority checker tool assists in assessing page authority. It shows you where the business is heading.
  • Page authority tells you which of the pages on your website have a robust link profile. Page authority checker helps to find the page authority of pages of the site. You can improve page authority through link building.
  • Page authority checker tool shows page authority. The greater page authority increases the trustworthiness of the website.
  • Page authority helps you understand if specific inbound marketing strategies are working. So, how can this work? If one of your site pages has low page authority, there is something wrong somewhere. You have to do something about it.

How to use Page Authority Checker Tool

  • Page authority checker tool assists, check page authority with one click.
  • Please enter the URL you want to analyze. You may paste up to 20 pages to view webpage authority. Paste one URL on every line.
  • All you have to do is paste the right URL inside the URL area and click on the publish' button.
  • Page authority checker tool can give page authority of a specific URL.
  • The page authority checker tool lets you know if there is an issue with page authority. You can find the number of linking root domain names and the total number of links pointing to each webpage on Moz.

Benefits of Page Authority Checker

  • If bad links point to your Website, you suffer low page authority. Page authority checker describes low page authority. You can eliminate bad links to improve the score.
  • Page authority checker helps check fluctuations in Page Authority score. Changes with your links affect Page Authority score. If you have external links from trusted websites, you enjoy a high Page Authority score. Use Moz Rank Checker Tool to check all Scores.
  • There is another crucial benefit of a webpage authority checker. Search engines such as Google see if your website grows links much quicker than others. If Google finds you're growing links in a harmful manner, your website gets downgraded. Page authority checker detects low Page Authority scores. It gives you time to fix errors.
  • Page Authority Checker helps in determining the quality of backlink profiles. It reveals the strength of your website's backlink profile.
  • Page authority checker helps in improve page authority. It improves your chances to rank for relevant search terms.

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