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Keyword Density Checker tool checks the percentage of the total number of keywords divided by the content length on a particular page. To find the keyword density, enter your URL, and our site will display the keyword density of the specific page.

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About Keyword Density Checker

Keyword Density Checker Tool checks how many times the keyword used in the entire content. Keyword density is the percentage of times a keyword or phrase used on a web page. In SEO, webmasters calculate it to determine whether a web page is relevant to a specified topic.

Our keyword density checker can help you to repair your errors. It does identify your errors in your website content so that you can change it. Content writers have to assess keyword density before they publish or after published. So we included an option to calculate density via a webpage link.

We provide 100% free solutions, and there's no limitation on its tool. You can perform unlimited checks utilizing a keyword density calculator. We plan to add an option that will permit you to get keyword frequency by uploading Txt, Doc, Docx, or PDF files.

The formula for calculating it is worth is very straightforward. First, your term gets calculated; how much you have used it into your content. You then split it with the total duration of your text.

Our online Tool analyzes lead to 3 Different angles. It will display one, Three, and Two words density. The frequency of utilizing one same term shouldn't exceed 3 percent of your content. In the case of long-tail search terms, you need to keep it between 1-2 percent.

The most frequent question that comes to mind; what will happen if I exceed it has limits. So never and try to over-optimize your website content.

How Keyword Density can Lead to Over Optimization

Most webmasters utilized this trick to rank their websites in search engines. Now search engines limited their coverages to improve search results. In its Panda update, Google marked all websites spam; those were using the same keyword many times. Employing a keyword 4-5 occasions is natural. The majority of the SEO specialists recommend it is a percentage lower than 3%. More than that percentage is more than optimization.

How to calculate Keyword Density?

It's worth get calculated using the following Formula (NKR/Tkn)x100. NKR is how many times each keyword gets used, and Tkn is complete in your article or text. If you are using the term "Plagiarism Checker," it will get considered one keyword. It is not considered as two words, and the formula will be (1/Tkn)x100.

How to deal with keyword Stuffing?

If the density is less than 3%, then it is nothing to worry about. But if it exceeds this limit, then it'll be keyword stuffing. The first trick would be to use different synonyms. You can substitute"plagiarism checker" using "plagiarism detector," "plagiarism Software." For this purpose, you can use the free article rewriter tool; it will search for synonyms of the keyword. The next Trick, Increase text length; it will lower this percentage.

How does keyword density affect SEO?

Back in the day, you were able to position in Google by raising the repetition of particular keywords. The more times you cite a word in a guide, the greater the chance you will rank in the top 10 for it. Check Keyword Position Checker here.

While it granted tremendous free exposure to your content, it also hurt web users. Articles became challenging to read, affecting the online experience.

So, search Engines implemented a new platform. They'd penalize websites doing keyword stuffing for ranking purposes.

After a while, individuals realized that stuffing words in articles no longer work. They altered their strategy to more SEO methods.

Why is calculating Keyword density critical?

Google used to benefit users by using a keyword in their articles as many times as you can. Ahead of the algorithm get advanced, use your keyword not more times. You can analyze it by keyword density checker.

Google has updated its algorithm to consider user intention, content quality. It altered the faculty of thought that you could use a keyword on a page. Check here for more information. 

Now, Google has tagged this type of extensive keyword use as keyword stuffing. It may keep your pages from the rank in search.

So, why is calculating Keyword density critical? You must understand how you use your keywords on any given webpage. It is to determine whether you're underusing it, using it, or overusing it.

1. If you underuse your keyword, Google may not think it's relevant to consumer searches. 

2. If you correctly use your keyword, Google will consider your webpage related to queries. Use our Keywords Suggestion Tool to find relevant more keywords. You will likely rank higher in search results due to the page's relevancy.

3. If you overuse your keyword, Google will mark your webpage keyword-stuffed and spam.

The Keyword Density helps you determine where to scale and tweak your content.

How Will, our checker, assist your website?

Today, people are not stuffing content as they used to. In that respect, there's a little chance you'll get penalized because of this reason.

Yet, there is still a valid reason you need to analyze content.

Sometimes writers tend to neglect their primary keyword following the first paragraphs. It is widespread when it comes to long articles where you jump from a subject to a subject. That's why you need to check density to be sure that you're relevant enough for a question.

With our checker, Keyword density evaluation is a breeze!

Like all similar tools, All you have to do is enter a URL and click on Evaluation.

After that, our density Analyzer will provide a listing with the following results:

  • Density - Shows all words within a text and how you've used them
  • Word Weights -This shows how well this page get optimized for various questions
  • Words on - Shows where you can find phrases on a page
  • Meta tags
  • Links

The tool also allows you to set various advanced parameters during analysis.

Keyword Density Analyzer is among the best services of its type. It assists you in determining both the density and the impact of phrases on various queries.

Things You need to think about

A keyword density of 1 to 3 percent is ideal. It is something you need to always have in your mind and test after writing a piece.

It's precisely how you can use our keyword density checker.

You can use it for all your daily article requirements. You can improve your likelihood of positions for specific phrases.

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