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Google Cache Checker Tool tells the date and time that when the website will last cache by Google. A better cache helps in better indexing. Find out the Cache details by entering the website details below.

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About Google Cache Checker

About Google Cache Checker

Google cache checker Tool is an automated system. It caches your website at a particular period all your webpages. If the robots crawl your site, it will re-update the cache of the webpage into google, the main server. It is for better ranking on the search engines. Whether you upgrade any new content, the crawler is working on indexing. As soon as your web page gets indexed, a cached copy of your webpage will show when the last bot crawled.

If you would like to create a robot file, use our free robots txt generator application. If you want to find how Google spider will do the job, check the search engine spider simulator.

The primary purpose of this tool to identify cache status info when it was last modified. By searching each URL for cache, status requires a long little time around google. We bought a tool to find cache status within seconds rather than waiting for quite a while. The internet google checker tool is perfect and gets checked on any device. It gets recommended as one of the most crucial SEO tools by professionals.

How to use this Google Cache Checker tool?

To tool is very easy and does not need much technical knowledge for assessing your cache status. Identify the 20 Url's by putting the Url's about the respective text box and click on the submit. The tool will operate in the background. It will determine all the modified time and date on the last used web page by the consumer.

How does google cache your web-page?

Google crawler requires a snapshot of the web-page and store it in the google database. The pages which get saved in the database called google cache. It reveals when was the last time Googlebot get crawled and shows how it gets saved.

If Googlebot has already Crawled your webpage, it replaces the older form of the cached page. 

Suppose your site loads too slow; Google cache will show the stored version of a webpage. 

Googlebot crawler used when a crawler visits a page. It requires a Snapshot of articles, images, links, with other elements. When a consumer searches for a webpage with a keyword, it serves the saved results. The user gets equipped to access cached pages much faster.

The results which get achieved are called Google web archive files, or It gets called WARC.

How is Google Cache Useful?

Google Cache webpages are Useful in lots of ways,

  • When an owner of the Site deletes any content by accident and cannot retrieve the content, a cached page from the google server can be retrieved.
  • If the server receives too many requests and cannot process them, it will lead to the server down. In cases like this, we also can fetch the data from cache webpages.
  • If any Website gets blocked, go to the cached webpage and retrieve the information.
  • When the website loads very slow, thus reducing speed between server and user. Sometimes cache may not be available if the server does not respond. To increase visitors, it gets required to upgrade the server and decrease the bounce rate. So check your site page rate.

Strategy 1:

So how to check the cached Link of your webpage?

To Understand How to get google cache, follow the below steps.

  • Goto to your browser and search for your page that you will need
  • Once it appears on Google search, click on the down arrow on the page Url's right side.
  • Then click 'cached.'
  • Finally, you can view the cached page. The saved copy retrieves from the server, which gets used for indexing. It stores images, content, source code to help viewers to understand the crawling.

If You would like to see the original webpage, click on the current page link on top of the page.

Googlebot cache all the site in the same pattern and index on the internet search engine. It doesn't show the same results, but it affects if any new modifications get updated on the page. It reflects the updated version of google cache. For quick index or crawl, URL use Backlink URL Ping Tool here.

Strategy 2:

Suppose if the user needs to check the cached page, then follow the following steps under

  • Type'cache' on
  • Then type the Respective Url that you would like to look at on the cached page.
  • Click input. You will get directed to observe the webpage.

For instance, use the Below type to check a cache.

Advantages of Google Cache Checker Tool

The tool will work online without downloading any external applications. It checks last modified on the site before going to update any fresh content.

It is the ideal place to locate your webpages cache status around 20 URLs at a time.

Whenever any site is down due to technical problems or improvements on the website, you can still access your site using cache URL to know the last modified time and date.

Whenever the server goes down, you can see the site offline without getting data from the server. But only uses google cache to get information about a website for a limited period.

There are two ways to check if a webpage gets cached by Google or not.

1) The first way you can Check by following the google cache status technique

2)The second way you can use our Google cache checker tool to know when your page gets crawled and indexed.

For more information read here Google Cache Article with detailed answers.

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