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Get Source Code of Webpage allows you to view the source code of the website. View the code and rectify the HTML errors in the webpage. Just enter your URL and get the source code for free.

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About Get Source Code of Webpage

Get source code of webpage is an online tool accessible through various websites. It is for obtaining the source code of a domain name link. It is also called an HTML viewer. The entire source code gets written in a hypertext markup language. All websites provide this tool for free of charge with many other bundled tools. It is necessary from the point of view of programming and digital marketing.

It's a one-stop platform to view the source codes of websites. Another tab shows up when you use the shortcut keys to execute the order of showing source code. This way, a couple of tabs will open that generate confusion and slow the browser down. It's required to have a tool where you can check the source code of every link. 

You can assess the components of source code from the perspective of SEO. For example, title, meta description, and headings, you want to explore many pages. A single site may contain a lot of pages with crucial details. It's essential to examine each of them. 

Each one of these tools gets intended for serving the same purpose. The only difference that you will notice is its user interface. It may vary but very convenient to operate. The procedure for utilizing these attributes will get cited in the below article. To begin with, you want to know why we need a source code viewer tool. Use our Free Meta Tag Generator Tool to Optimize SEO friendly Meta Title and Description.

How does the Get Source Code of the Webpage tool function?

The tool provides front-end source code but not the back-end code. Because it executes a server-side program and exhibits web page front results. To know how to use it, enter the website URL in the respective text box and click submit button. Within few seconds, you can watch the source code of any website URL. This tool aims to check SEO meta tags, HTML codes, call to action form. It also checks other tags for developing website design, marketing methods.

It is accessible for free of cost. Please read the next steps to understand the Practice of using them.

  • Copy some of the URL mentioned above of source code and paste them into a new tab.
  • When the webpage opens, space will get provided. You need to enter the address of the web of a page that needs source code evaluation. 
  • Paste the URL of that specific site and click on the button. It will create the source code.
  • For checking the mistakes, press Ctrl+F to locate the title tag, meta description, or any issue. A specific word so you can identify the error and fix it.

How to Get Source Code of Webpage - A Powerful Tool for Better Indexing

In today's world, the folks see site HTML source codes at any moment on the net browser. By pressing a couple of commands in your system, you can view the website's source code. 

You can visit a website, explore all features for gaining awareness. Everything seems so perfect in front that's also called the user interface. Yet, a few people are aware there is a complex arrangement of coding. It lies in the back-end that's challenging to understand.

This language gets known as source code, in which the structure of a site gets defined. It involves every small and big thing of a site. It includes images, video links, written text, and call to actions buttons. The source code determined how to reflect each component of a website in an organized manner.

Along with programmers, there is a massive influence of origin Code over SEO practices of a website. That's the reason you need a source code viewer tool. Generally, people use some shortcut keys to get the source code of a web page. It changes based on operating systems and browsers. Ctrl+U is the shortcut key to get the source code by an internet site in the Windows operating system.

Chrome & Safari of Macbook requires Option+Control +U button to command source code. When you press these keys altogether, your site's source code will generate.

If one can use simple shortcut keys for obtaining the source code, then what's the need for a tool. The answer gets hidden in the below article. Read to gain your knowledge.

The website structure depends on HTML and CSS Code. With these two standard web languages, any site can get developed with beautiful design. Other components like text, images, the headline will also play a role in design aspects. While considering all these, the website will be tricky to the traffic.

Why do we need the Source Code Viewer tool?

The need for Source Code Viewer Tool is as follows: -

1) Comparison with competitor

It is among the most significant advantages of an internet business. You can know many strategies of competitors who are more successful than you. For example, the hosting service they're using, source code structure, worldwide & regional status. All you will need is your understanding of implementing the ideal tool in the right place.

Open the website of your competitor, get the source codes of pages. Take the help of this tool and store them in a document. Now compare their titles, headings & descriptions, etc. . yours to complete where are you lagging. As a developer, you may also identify their flaws and recite them on your source code.

2) Page indexing for better SEO ranking

The search engines read the system Language of origin code for indexing purposes. The crawlers classify a website based on the info mentioned in the source code. When there is no proper SEO, the webpage will face difficulty in the ranking.

For example, if the Amount of meta name is less than 60 Characters, the browser will reveal the issue. If you didn't do the SEO work, the page would be completely useless with no required information.

3) Checking for the Errors persisting in the front end

If any mistake is occurring from front end users, it will affect your internet business. If somebody reports difficulty on the site, the owner assesses it with the origin code's help. The source code viewer identifies the mistakes and rectifies them from the back end.

The Relevance of the Source Code Viewer tool

While visiting a site, we experience beautiful fonts, animations, images. It gets organized with the support of complicated source code. This source code gets built with HTML that remains invisible behind. It is an intricate structure that needs precision in design. Otherwise, the website won't get recognition on the search engine. A source code viewer is a helpful tool. It assesses where the actual problem is occurring with the user interface.

If the search engine is not indexing your page, there has to be some mistake in the source code. You can view it with the help of this tool to fix it. When you don't identify the error, you can compare it with your competitor's website. Check here the Website Screenshot Generator Tool and capture a full screenshot of any webpage.

After building a responsive website, the main aim is to rank it. Search engine optimization is the primary and most effective strategy for this use. The entire content of a webpage must get optimized according to the algorithm of an SEO. While hunting something on Google, the user enters a keyword and receive results.

These results have a small title representing the website. The two lines of text describing the content in more detail. If this information gets formatted in the wrong way, then the crawler will not index your site. Additionally, net users will most skip your site due to the lack of information.

If the bounce rate remains high, there must be something wrong with the source code. It is simple to check it using source code viewer also. There is not any need to open many tabs for every single page. One tool is enough to get the source code of pages one by one.

Advantages of Source Code Viewer Tool

  • With the tool's help, you can identify all the SEO variables used on the competitor's website. You can identify alternative text used on the images.
  • Many of those sites confine to view the code or protect the content onto the site. The tool will scan the website and retrieve the web page source to the consumer. It is for understanding the way the website has shielded the content.
  • It aids in identifying the reason for slow loading.
  • If the meta tag isn't inappropriate format, the search engine won't index it in the ideal category.
  • If your site has concealed or manipulated content, a source code viewer is the easiest way to detect it. It isn't visible due to the transparent text but can't hide from the source code document.

 This information is enough to educate you on the vital need for a source code viewer tool. Both developers and SEO Executives want it for their various purposes.

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