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Broken Links Finder checks for the broken inbound and outbound links of a website. The broken links help in fixing 404 errors of a website. Enter your web URL to find the broken link available in a particular URL.

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About Broken Links Finder

What is a Broken Link Finder?

The broken link finder is an online tool that you do not need to set up in your computer system. It's available through any specific browser. You want the web address of an internet portal where this service can get obtained. The broken link finder tool is capable of identifying the links from an entire domain.

For small sites, it's not a big deal to identify which page isn't functioning. But not with the massive size sites with enormous data to process. Without giving any prior information, you might lose a large customer base. Many websites are providing the support of broken link checking. There's a list of online portals that you may get without paying any subscription fees.

A few websites might charge a subscription fee, but you need to go together with our free SEO tools; if someone asks for money or requests to fill the subscription form, jump to a different one. It is an advanced tool customized for its ease of SEO experts.

Why do we want a Broken Link Finder Tool?

We need a broken link Finder tool for many purposes that depends upon someone's need. Some of the most significant motives are here:-

  • Whenever you update a new page on the website, it requires getting crawled by search engine bots. The Crawlers sometimes face difficulty in assessing the webpages of your website. They will be unable to index a page at the proper ranking on the search engine. So, your search engine optimization task will stay worthless.
  • Many websites stay the same without any update for a long time. So they cannot identify which page is malfunctioning. Users complain about the issue that's not great for the status of a website.
  • If you update your website and check for broken links, the crawlers can browse through the pages. It also assists in the better ranking of the site. After updating, the URL may change that needs to get enlisted in the site for crawling. If you update all the site links, it will optimize and enhance the ranking by proper indexing.
  • If the webpage links of your website get broken, it can affect the website's traffic. The regular users won't visit again if they find any error when accessing the page. These days, net users have many alternatives to avail of similar products, services, why they spot the page and deliver back feedback for requesting to rectify.
  • If your website has external links, it is essential to look at the broken links more. For Example, the websites providing you backlinks may move the address. It removes the page without giving any prior sign. A reputed website gets broken, the traffic will decrease to a lower level. Also, the conversion rates have negative impacts.

Broken Link Finder - A Dedicated Tool to Assess Broken Links

Broken links are bad for ranking your website at the top of search engines. These broken or dead links are having with 404 status code. Usually, 404 links happen when a site gets shut down, or a link with 3rd party URLs has already changed. Use Server Status Checker Tool to check your web URLs.

These get broken links and affect your site rankings by dropping valuable visitors. Broken links reduce the caliber of the page. It causes reduced authority, which is hard to rank by search engines.

There are many online broken link checker tools to identify broken links on your site. According to search engine guidelines, any links can get regarded as broken links. If your website has too many links with a massive volume of content, it's hard to find which gets broken.

On a website, you will discover many pages comprising information. Aside from the home page, each page has another link address from the primary domain name.

The internet user cannot access this information available on that specific page. For keeping up a good reputation of the site, it's crucial to rectify each of these mistakes as soon as possible. These errors occur when the link gets broken. There are several explanations for why these links get found broken, as mentioned below:-

  • Misspelling during link building
  • If the external websites have gone offline
  • A page no longer exists since the administrator has changed the location.
  • Technical errors are complete by the administrator using the webmaster tool.
  • The webpage gets outdated.
  • It's relocated to a new domain.

That is, a broken link implies a disturbance from the web path. The web address directs you to a particular piece of information. On a big site like e-commerce, it's hard to identify which page is malfunctioning.

Rather than receiving complaints from the user, we tell them to use a broken link finder tool. This tool can identify the errors on the various pages of a website with only one click. So, we developed a unique tool to locate broken links on any webpage. 

What happens when your site has broken links?

It stops the search engine to crawl the page and harm rankings. They de-rank it in search engines from indexing or displaying the wrong information. A website with any broken links will harm your site ranking. It gets difficult for your users to be aware of the page.

With the help of the broken links Checker tool, your website will get examined. It is for both internal links and external links status info working fine or not.

How does the Broken Link Checker tool work?

A broken link finder tool is quite convenient to operate if you are an SEO expert a random internet user.

  • First, open our broken link checker tool.
  • Open the targeted website and replicate its domain name from the home page. Now paste it in the search box of the broken link checker tool.
  • The site creates a captcha to identify if you're a person or bot is functioning. Click on the "Find Broken Links" button to do the procedure.
  • After solving it, the process begins, and it takes a couple of seconds to do. The first part will illustrate all link URLs associated with the website. The second segment will show the status code for each link associated with the page. In the next section, the links' status will show whether they are okay or not acceptable.
  • The outside links belong to other domains. The internal links belong to your website. You will observe the status of all links associated with a URL if they're broken or working. Identification and rectification of the problem get easy with this process.

The tool will then scan all the Anchor text links one by one line on the web page by displaying the status code. If you find any links representing 404 errors, you can consider them as broken links. The Broken Link Finder will help developers, SEO Marketer to find out broken links.

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