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Blacklist Lookup checks the blacklisted IP address and domain name server in the database. Avoid spam by checking the entire blacklisted database server. Enter your website name to look for the blacklisted server.

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About Blacklist Lookup

Are you looking for your Domain or IP blacklisted because of any spamming? You are right place now, enter your domain or IP and check blacklist status by using Blacklist Lookup Free Tool. IP Addresses are a feature that a server checks before allowing the visitor to get the website.

IP Address plays a significant role when it comes to identifying an individual. It is for sending or receiving information between visitor and server. It is dependent on ISP's whether they assign static IP into an individual or dynamic IP. 

Every time a user sends a website request, the websites check the authenticity of the IP. Such IP addresses get contained with anti-spam databases to protect against any spam. There are over 160+ anti-spam databases available to look for spam IP Addresses. Yet we're considering the fastest and most well-known ones only. 

Our anti-spam checking service informs which anti-spam databases include the specified IP. The user may understand either their IP is a standard IP or a low IP. You can input any IP Address or a domain name to check the IP for spam.

This tool scans the domain name with hostname to IP tools, and then it checks the real IP of a domain for spam. If the entered IP is present in the spam database, it usually means that the IP gets blocked by most sites. 

Around DNSBL Blacklist Assess

A website could get on a blacklist if the site owner decided to send emails about a brand new product to many people. If one or a few of the mail recipients mark it as spam, the email service might place the site on a blacklist. The website gets blacklisted if your website traffic decreases. If someone is offering to sell a domain to you; you must check if that domain gets blacklisted.

Some organizations are running the Blacklist service online. Email service providers assess whether a website gets blacklisted with DNSBL or SURBL. Email service uses these services to test and eliminate spam mail before it reaches the user. 

Some DNSBL services use many different criteria to list and delist website addresses. Spam filters used by email service providers use DNSBL services as the first line of defense. SURBL is not the very first line of protection that is checking spam mail. It comprises a directory of sites that get blacklisted for appearing in the text of spam emails. Both these methods get used by email service providers against spam mail.

Search Engines Blacklist Tool

No legitimate website wants to get recorded on a search engine blacklist. Search engines blacklist sites for some reasons. If a website receives involved in spamming, it is going to get blacklisted.

If a website gets suspected of used for hacking other websites, it will get blacklisted. If a website has links to untrusted websites, it will get blacklisted. These are some of the reasons for sites getting blacklisted. Remember, search engines examine each site for its contents and links.

If it finds any questionable activity or wrong links on a web site, it will blacklist the site. The site vanishes on the world wide web. Search engines use the IP address to blacklist a website. It means that your website is still using a dynamic IP and the search engine blacklists the IP address. All the sites that were using that IP will no more appear on the internet.

Blacklisted Sites

There are a large number of data sets on the web that look after records of abusive hosts. Email specialist organizations and ISPs take a gander at these lists. It is to shield their clients from potential malware, infections, or terrible stuff.

There are so many blacklist site lists that it becomes impossible for a site owner to check. Thus you need to use a tool to assess if your site is on any recourse. When it is so, you must take measures to get it removed from the list. It is possible to use the Free Google Malware Checker Tool to check the Google blacklist list.

Using Blacklist Lookup

A more straightforward way to test blacklist lookup by opening Free SEO Tools. You have to know the IP address of your domain name. Enter the IP address and conduct the test.

To check if your website is on any other Website, you can use different tools available on the internet such as

Smart Phones On Blacklists

Smartphones are missing and stolen each day; many incidents get reported to providers. If the wise phone owner knows their phone IMEI' number and reports it; the cell phone gets set on a blacklist. If a lost or stolen smartphone gets recovered, the owner must get it removed from the blacklist. They have to report the retrieval to the cell phone providers who'll remove it from the blacklist.


Many devices are using the internet today, and there are millions of sites. Websites have to protect themselves against viruses, malware, and hackers. They also have to make sure that their websites stay legitimate and don't land on any blacklist.

Obtaining a website removed from a blacklist Is very difficult. There are resources to get your website removed from a blacklist. Thus it's best to consider steps to make sure that your website does not get into trouble. Do not ever buy links or fall for a supply of free links to boost your site's ranking. Search engines are brilliant and current. If they check a link and see it is coming from a blacklisted website, they'll penalize your site.

Let your Site's natural black-links grow. Do not indulge in any suggestions to get a better ranking as you are likely to land in trouble. Use Domain Suspicious Tool to check your domain health status.

We also have introduced you to a handy tool to use to test if your website gets blacklisted. You have to take measures to safeguard your website against malware and hackers. There are a few tools available to protect your site.

Never get lured into using any connections from unknown sites. You should check your backlinks and ensure that they are coming out of 'clean' sites. Crazy people out there, who attempt to hack and can misuse your website. You have to stay aware of these. If any of your site visitors complain; assess it immediately and make sure it is not blacklisted.

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